Decaf Mexico La Esmeralda

Decaf Mexico La Esmeralda

Decaf Mexico La Esmeralda

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REGION: Pluma, Oaxaca

PROCESS: Sugarcane Natural Decaf

ROAST: Medium

TASTING NOTES: Chocolate, Coconut, Dates


The sugarcane decaffeination process utilizes Ethyl Acetate for a more natural way of removing caffeine. Ethyl acetate, or EA, is a naturally occurring organic compound found in many fruits and vegetables which can be synthesized for decaffeinating coffee. In this method the green beans are steamed or soaked to expand the beans for caffeine extraction. The expanded beans are then soaked in the EA which caffeine bonds with the compound and is drawn out of the bean. The now decaffeinated coffee is removed from the EV solvent, rinsed thoroughly, re-dried and re-bagged for transport to your local roaster.

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