Upgrading Your Home Grinder

So you’ve spent the past few months of quarantine diligently perfecting your home espresso routine, with the help of a handheld grinder, a good pour over setup, and of course, delicious Fortuna coffee. You feel confident in your abilities as a home barista, and you’re ready for an upgrade in precision, accuracy, and ease of use-- in that case, we have great news for you!


Fortuna has just added five grinders to our lineup from Baratza, an industry leader in home coffee equipment. Baratza sets itself apart in several ways, from technological advancements such as their Grind by Weight system, to their innovative fixed-cost repair program, which ensures your grinder will keep running for as long as you need it to-- and then some! Choosing an option out of five may seem daunting, but we’re here to break it down and help you choose the perfect machine for your needs and budget.




The Encore is Baratza’s entry level machine, but don’t let that fool you-- this grinder is able to produce high quality coffee drinks of all sorts thanks to its 40 levels of adjustment, from the finest espresso to the coarsest French press. Its small size makes it perfect for setups where space-saving is of the utmost importance, and it features 40mm steel burrs. However, it produces the slowest grind of these machines, and may not be the best option if you are looking for a higher level of espresso extraction.




With twice the output of the Encore (2 grams per second), the Virtuoso is a step above the basic model. This workhorse has been a staple of the Baratza brand since 2005 for good reason. Additionally, it features a digital timer, allowing for extra precision during the grind process. It is consistent, reliable, and a favorite of the industry.




If you’re yearning for that professional quality taste and mouthfeel of a coffee shop espresso shot, you’ll want to go with the Vario as your entry level machine. Its flat, ceramic burrs provide a groundbreakingly consistent grind, and the micro/macro adjustment feature regulates grind size with ease. Additionally, it features a portafilter holder, so you can grind directly into your portafilter if you have a home espresso machine!




The Vario-W retains many of the beloved features of the Vario, such as the micro/macro adjustment. However, as opposed to a timer, the Vario-W grinds based on three precise weight presets-- choose by the gram and let the grinder do the precision work (within 0.2 grams). This model does not feature a portafilter holder, but it is still a solid choice that can often be found in smaller coffee shops.



If top-of-the-line is what you want, the Sette 270Wi is the grinder for you. Winner of the best new consumer product at the 2016 Specialty Coffee Association Expo, we can see why it earned the title. It offers a portafilter holder, grind-by-weight functionality (accurate to just a few beans!) and a degree of flavor clarity in espresso that can usually only be achieved by expensive commercial pieces. The adjustment system is nearly infinite and allows for the user to dial in espresso to whatever their liking may be. Don’t have a home espresso machine? That’s okay! This grinder is perfect for pour over setups and automatic brewers as well.


Now that you're equipped with a bit more information on each machine and how they can elevate your home brewing game, check out Fortuna's deals on Baratza grinders and add one to your collection.  Have any further questions or need help narrowing down which machine is the best for you?  Reach out to us and let us assist you in picking out your perfect grinder! 

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