Flavors of Fall

Maybe you’ve never subscribed to the pumpkin spice trend, or perhaps you’ve just had one too many PSLs.  Whatever your reason is for seeking out an alternative to the popular fall flavor, look no further than Fortuna’s sauce and syrup offerings.  Flavoring syrups give you the ability to transform any coffee into a cup that tastes like autumn itself.  Here are a few ideas for how to infuse some fall into your morning cuppa this season.

Spiced Mocha
Spicy Cayenne may sound like a scary name for something that’s going in your coffee or latte, but rest assured—when paired with mocha sauce, it creates the perfect sweet beverage with a kick to it.  Warm, cozy, and a little—you guessed it—spicy, this is the perfect drink to curl up on the couch with on cold nights.  Plus, if it’s getting late and you’re not looking for a jolt of caffeine, it makes a wonderful hot chocolate as well!

The perfect alternative to pumpkin spice, 1883’s Cardamom syrup offers a zesty, floral taste infused with spices.  Ideal if you’re looking for a subtle add-in to your coffee; Cardamom syrup won’t disappoint.  This one is hard to come by in coffee shops, so order a bottle for yourself and experiment with it at home. Soon, you’ll be asking your favorite café to stock cardamom, too.

What screams fall more than falling leaves?  Just about nothing.  Capture the essence of fall with this woodsy Maple syrup.  Buttery and sweet, the warmth of maple will transport you with visions of hayrides, apple picking, and all other things fall.  Mix with hazelnut or pecan to add a new, nutty dimension to your favorite hot beverage.

Toasted Marshmallow
Sitting around a fire, toasting marshmallows for s’mores is a fond autumn memory almost everyone shares.   Why not recreate that feeling in your favorite coffee?  Toasted Marshmallow syrup is a great way to add the taste of creamy, fire-roasted s’mores to hot chocolate or coffee this holiday season.  Add mocha sauce instead of a chocolate bar, and you’ve got the whole package in a cup.

Maybe we’re jumping the gun a bit on this one, but hey, who can blame us for being excited for Christmas?  Shortbread, spice, and cloves find the perfect balance in 1883’s Gingerbread syrup.  Add the sweetness of this holiday favorite to your next cup of coffee for an easy (and delicious) alternative to breaking out the rolling pin.

Pumpkin Spice
Alright, we had to throw it in there.  It has such a following for a reason, after all.  1883 is so dedicated to flavor that this syrup was created through testing of actual pumpkin pies to hone in on the perfect flavor notes to hit.  Therefore, you can be sure you’re getting the tastes of pure pumpkin spice when you choose to add this to your coffee.

Fall flavors are fun, there’s no denying that.  1883’s syrups elevate and complement any coffee and give it dimensional, pure fall flavors.  Pick up a few bottles today from Fortuna’s syrup offerings and give it a go!

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