Brew Guide: Fellow Stagg [XF] Pour-Over

Fellow Stagg [XF] Pour-Over Set:

What are the perks of using a Pour Over? 

Let’s be honest. Getting motivated in the morning can be a challenge unless there's coffee. The morning ritual most commonly involves grinding up fresh coffee, loading up the coffee maker, and pressing a button — especially when there's a rush to get the day started. Try establishing a weekend routine by slowing down and taking a little extra time to enjoy the process. Making a pour over might seem like more work, but it doesn't take much more time than an auto-drip maker. Reserve a little patience and be present when making a pour over.

There are different styles and models of pour over units out there, but we find the Fellow Stagg XF pour over set to be forgiving for a novice pour over maker. Most designs have a cone-like shape that funnels and directs the water channel in a certain direction. However, the flat bottom design of the Fellow allows just a little more hang time for the water to extract coffee goodness before gravity draws down the brew to the carafe or cup. Allow the anticipation of tasting good coffee to bloom while making a pour over. Don’t just take our word for it, though; start with the following recipe to kick off your pour over coffee adventure in your own home. 

What You'll Need  


    • 30 grams of coffee 
    • 500 grams of good quality filtered water 


    • Medium fine (consistency of sugar in the raw) 

Brew Time:  

    • 3 to 3 ½ minutes 


    • 203°F 


    • Bloom and 4 pours 


Let's Get Started


Bring your water to a boil. We like to use our Fellow Electric Stagg EKG Kettle, but you can use whatever you have on hand. 

Fellow Electric Stagg EKG Kettle


Pre-wet the paper filter and discard the rinse water.  
Kettle pouring water into a paper filter in the Fellow Stagg XF Pour-over


Using the funnel (included in the pour over kit), add freshly ground, medium-fine coffee (the consistency of sugar in the raw). Shake the filter gently to settle and level the coffee bed.
pouring coffee grounds into Fellow Stagg XF Pour-over


Tare the scale (set it to 0). Add 40 g. of water in a slow zig-zag pattern to gently wet the level bed of coffee. 
Kettle pouring water into Fellow Stagg XF Pour-over
Allow the coffee to bloom for 40 seconds. 
top view of a coffee bloom


After the initial bloom, there will be four separate pours for even distribution. Add water in a steady zigzag pattern.
    • After the bloom, add water until the scale reads 200 g. 
    • At the 1:20 mark, add 100 g. of water  
    • At the 1:50 mark, add 100 g. of water 
    • At the 2:20 mark, add the final 100 g. of water. Allow the brewed coffee to draw into the carafe.  
Kettle pouring water into Fellow Stagg XF Pour-over


Swirl to incorporate flavors. Pour into your favorite mug, and enjoy!  
carafe pouring coffee into a Fortuna Coffee mug
Need the coffee ground?

Coffee stays freshest in whole bean form. However, if you need your coffee ground please let us know by selecting the "ground" option when choosing coffee. Be sure specify in the provided text box at checkout the brew method to ensure the correct grind match for the particular brewing equipment being used.

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