Brew Guide: Toddy Home Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Toddy Home Cold Brew Coffee Maker:

Ditch the electricity with Toddy's Home Cold Brew Coffee Maker, replacing heat with time to brew up a rich and less bitter concentrate to make all of your cold brew creations come to life. This coffee maker produces a smooth, low acid concentrate that's great for lattes, blended drinks, cooking, and beyond! 

What You'll Need:


    • 1:4 ratio coffee to water 
    • 375 grams Anytime Cold Brew
    • 1500 grams cold, filtered water


    • Coarse (consistency of quinoa) 


Let's Get Started!


Rinse and wet the felt filter. Place the filter into the brewing container and plug the dispenser hole with the included stopper.

Stopper and filter being put in a toddy cold brew maker



Insert a paper filter into the brewing container, then add half of your freshly ground coffee and some water into the paper filter.
Pouring coffee and water into toddy



Add the rest of the coffee grounds and the remaining water. Stir the mixture to wet all the grounds for an even extraction.

indicating to stir coffee grounds and water


Tie off the paper filter to close the bag, then cover the top of the container and leave your coffee to brew for 16 hours.
tying off filter and covering with lid


Position the brewing container over the glass carafe. Remove the stopper to dispense the concentrate.
toddy cold brew maker dispensing concentrate


Once the concentrate is extracted, remove the chamber and discard the spent grounds. Remove the felt filter and rinse it with water, then immediately place the damp filter in a plastic bag and store it in the freezer.
    discarding paper filter and storing felt filter

    STEP 7 

    Cover the glass carafe with the lid to store the cold brew concentrate in the fridge for up to 10 days. 
    covering glass carafe with lid

    Ways to Use Cold Brew Concentrate

    • Dilute the concentrate with hot or cold water to taste. (We use a 1:1 ratio concentrate to water.)
    • Cut the concentrate with milk for an iced latte.
    • Instead of espresso, use cold brew to caffeinate blended ice drinks.
    • Use the concentrate for cooking, baking, cocktails, or anything else the imagination can come up with!
    Need the coffee ground?

    Coffee stays freshest in whole bean form. However, if you need your coffee ground please let us know by selecting the "ground" option when choosing coffee. Be sure specify in the provided text box at checkout the brew method to ensure the correct grind match for the particular brewing equipment being used.

    Shipping Disclaimer

    You might have noticed that our shipping costs are higher than what you may be used to.  Coffee is a heavy product, and shipping is calculated on a weight-based scale.  Despite this, we are determined to save you money! We do not mark up shipping rates, and we keep the prices of our products low.  As a small company, we appreciate your understanding and support!

    Low Price Promise

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