Brew Guide: French Press Tea

Hario Bright Coffee & Tea Press: 

The French press is a classic brewing tool, but its usefulness doesn't stop at just coffee. If you're also a tea lover, you can get the most out of your French press by using it to brew loose leaf teas. Today, we'll go through this brewing method using Hario's take on the classic tool, the Bright Coffee & Tea Press.

Pro tip:

If you use your French press for coffee, be sure to clean it thoroughly before you start to brewing to ensure that the leftover oils from the coffee don't affect the taste of your tea. 


What You'll Need:  

    • 1:60-75 coffee to water
    • 8-10 grams of tea, depending on the leaf
    • 600 grams hot water 
Steeping Time and Temperature: 
White tea 175-185 °F 2-5 minutes
Yellow tea 185 °F 1-3 minutes
Chinese green tea 175-185 °F 1-3 minutes
Japanese green tea 145-175 °F 1-2 minutes
Oolong tea 185 °F 2-5 minutes
Black tea 195-200 °F 3.5-5 minutes
Pu-erh tea 195-210 °F 3-5 minutes
Herbal/tisane 195-210°F 4-7 minutes

Let's Get Started!


Set aside the press plunger and add your tea leaves to the tea press.

Pouring tea leaves into a French press


Pour hot water over the tea leaves.

kettle pouring water into a French press 



Fix the press plunger over the brewing tea with the plunger screen up. Allow the tea to steep for the desired time. 

tea in a french press with the plunger pulled up



    Slowly press the plunger down.

    image indicating to press down plunger into the french press


    STEP 5

    Pour freshly brewed tea into your favorite cup, sip, and enjoy!

    French press pouring tea into mug

    Need the coffee ground?

    Coffee stays freshest in whole bean form. However, if you need your coffee ground please let us know by selecting the "ground" option when choosing coffee. Be sure specify in the provided text box at checkout the brew method to ensure the correct grind match for the particular brewing equipment being used.

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