Brew Guide: Classic AeroPress Method

AeroPress Coffee Maker:

Using a blend of immersion, aeration, and pressure, the AeroPress Coffee Maker combines technology from several different brewing methods into one small and convenient device. This brewer is durable, easy to pack, and provides smooth, espresso-like coffee with a full-bodied finish. Its compact design makes it a great choice take with you on the go without having to sacrifice the quality of your coffee. 

This brew guide will take you step-by-step through the standard way to brew coffee using the AeroPress.

What You'll Need:


    • 1:12
    • 18 grams of coffee
    • 220 grams of water



    • Medium-fine (consistency between granulated sugar and cane sugar)


Setting up your Aeropress:
    • Place the paper filter disc in the filter basket and rinse it with hot water.  *If you are using a metal filter or the Fellow Prismo, make sure the reusable disc is clean.


Let's Get Started!

Step 1

Lock in the filter basket on the bottom of the brewing chamber, then place the AeroPress filter side down over your favorite cup and tare your scale.

AeroPress on a Fortuna Coffee Mug, sitting on a scale

Step 2

Using the included funnel, add your freshly ground coffee to the brewing chamber. Pour hot water over the grounds until you reach your target weight, and set a timer for one minute.


Kettle pouring water into an AeroPress

Step 3

Give the coffee a quick stir using the provided stirring paddle to ensure all the grounds are saturated.


Paddle stirring water and coffee grounds in an aeropress

Step 4

Carefully affix the plunger onto the brewing chamber, but do not press down yet. After a minute, remove your AeroPress and cup from the scale. Slowly begin to press down on the plunger until all the brew has been expressed into the cup.


Image indicating to press down on aeropress plunger

Step 5

Pull the plunger back up about an inch to create a vacuum and prevent any drips when you move the AeroPress away from your cup.

Aeropress being removed from a fortuna coffee mug

Step 6

And last, but certainly not least, sip and enjoy!

a top view drawing of a mug of coffee


Cleaning Tip: 

To dispose of the spent coffee puck, remove the filter base and press the plunger all the way down to dispense. Rinse the AeroPress and set it aside to dry.

Need the coffee ground?

Coffee stays freshest in whole bean form. However, if you need your coffee ground please let us know by selecting the "ground" option when choosing coffee. Be sure specify in the provided text box at checkout the brew method to ensure the correct grind match for the particular brewing equipment being used.

Shipping Disclaimer

You might have noticed that our shipping costs are higher than what you may be used to.  Coffee is a heavy product, and shipping is calculated on a weight-based scale.  Despite this, we are determined to save you money! We do not mark up shipping rates, and we keep the prices of our products low.  As a small company, we appreciate your understanding and support!

Low Price Promise

All Fortuna coffees and supplemental products are priced to allow all customers to enjoy high-quality roasts without paying the inflated costs often associated with specialty coffee.