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Mexico Chiapas Mayan Harvest Cafe De Mujeres

Mexico Chiapas Mayan Harvest Cafe De Mujeres - Fortuna Coffee

Mexico Chiapas Mayan Harvest Cafe De Mujeres

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This washed brew is reminiscent of candied apples that one would find at the local state fair. The crisp green apple and toffee sweetness is another welcoming reminder that fall is around the corner. A smooth and sweet milk chocolatey body lends to a pleasantly rich finish.



Mayan Harvest Women’s Group is sourced from 168 family-owned farms located within Bella Vista a municipality in the state of Chiapas. Rosalba Cifuentes Toivia was raised in this Bella Vista community and dedicated herself to helping producers will small plots of land earn better prices for their coffees. With traceability and improved efforts the producers are able to earn higher prices for their coffee and reinvest in better agricultural practices. With these actions and collaboration within the community they are able to improve the livelihoods for their families. We are excited to be able to share this coffee with you all as it is the first year the Mayan Harvest Women’s Group has exported coffee. This coffee recognizes their heart and hard work put forward to give them financial empowerment.

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